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Website Designs/Flash Design & Development Services in India.
Tripmedia's quality offshore delivery model has evolved while supporting a wide range of global clients to meet continuous design requirements. The model would be suitably adapted to meet specific requirements of individual clients.
The design/development life cycle activities would be performed offshore at Tripmedia's facilities in Pune, India. There would be an onsite coordinator at our client's premises, who would closely interact with the end user client organization and communicate all requirements/specifications to India for design, development, and testing and final deployment.
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The DDC Team establishment would be consistent with the outsourcing model illustrated above. Tripmedia's team would execute iterative design activities in close consultation with the designated customer's Team Coordinator. The management teams from both organizations would periodically review progress to ensure quality of deliverables and further enhancements.
Iterative enhancement of team strength, retention and a continuous learning of cutting edge design tools is pivotal in the staffing of the DDC team. Tripmedia employs its own knowledge retention strategies to ensure that the team is unaffected in the event of staff attrition. These are as follows:
Continuous in house training on next generation design tools and related
Planned overstaffing on projects
Structured technical knowledge recording and documentation
Planned role & project rotation plans for technical designers and required
Desktops and associated general-purpose design tools would be provided to all designers working on dedicated projects. The design/development environment at our client's site would be replicated at the DDC.
Tripmedia's design center in Pune has modern facilities like telephone, high speed 64 KBPS Lease Line connectivity.
If required, physically separate and secure areas can be designated at Tripmedia's facilities for the DDC. Based on requirements, restricted authorized access and other safeguards may be established with mutual agreement.
Tripmedia's quality processes demand a clear definition of the various roles that would be performed at both sites, to ensure an efficiency in work processes, accountability, and timely deliveries. The following table summarizes the responsibilities for iterative activities
Project Management Tripmedia
Knowledge Retention Tripmedia
Offshore Design Environment Tripmedia
Onsite Coordinator Client/Tripmedia
Offshore Design Team Tripmedia
Account Management Tripmedia
Engineering/Integration Client/Tripmedia
Training Tripmedia
Tripmedia would designate a dedicated Account Manager to provide a quick turnaround on all issues. The Account Manager would also proactively identify gaps and areas in the operation that need improvement and new areas to which the DDC services can be extended. There would be regular interaction with customer organization personnel to ensure that service levels are always satisfactorily met.
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