outsource website design & development
outsource website design & development

Offshore Intenet/Website Design & Development Services India.

At Tripmedia, our quality assurance processes are optimized and consistent to ensure that project delivery is traceable, repeatable and standardized. This guarantees fulfillment of customer requirements within time and cost margins. The processes at Tripmedia are streamlined in accordance with standard guidelines and can be highlighted as follows:
Website Design & Development Services India
Tool based for logging and tracking of defects, issues and change control.
Process documents, quality manuals, and handbooks that define policies, responsibilities, methodologies, life-cycle stages, procedures and project management references based on standardized guidelines.
Employee training on quality assurance Senior management reviews on all quality & testing processes.
Processes designed to foster an evolving repository of knowledge through quality integration, early diagnosis strategies, and management & peer reviews.
Implementation of coding standards, documentation standards, review
standards, audits management and quality records

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